Owl Creek Partners is a great resource for entrepreneurs and family businesses. Every owner-operator looking for liquidity or a long term partner should consider working with Owl Creek.

- John Honney, President
JKH Enterprises

Owl Creek Partners is a family-owned, small market, private investment firm.

We make equity investments in privately held companies and take an active role in the operational and strategic futures of our investments.

Owl Creek is not a traditional private equity fund, in that we do not rely on a "blind pool" of capital from outside limited partners to fund our investments. This level of independence allows Owl Creek’s partners to manage every investment with the long-term best interest of the company and its stakeholders in mind: no forced exits, dividend re-caps or excessive debt to satisfy institutional investors.

Partnerships – We believe that strong partnerships are the cornerstone to successful businesses. Whether it is the partnership with the existing management team and employees, the company’s vendors and suppliers, or another investor, we take a no-nonsense approach. Transparency and a win-win approach are hallmarks of our partnerships.

Long-Term Focus – Like most family owned companies, Owl Creek Partners has a long term approach to investing. We make all investment and operational decisions with a focus on the optimal, long term success of the company, rather than any shorter term goals.

Active-Approach – Owl Creek Partners understands that hard work and experience are the cornerstone to building successful companies. Therefore, we take a day-to-day role in our companies when necessary and appropriate, whether it is in an operational, sales or finance capacity.